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Sumita in Iwate prefecture is surrounded by abundant water and greenery,
gifted with a location of Kenji Miyazawa’s work,
“Taneyama ga Hara”, and a mystical cave, “Rokando”.

Sumita town

Sumita is a town located in the southeastern part of Iwate prefecture, and positioned in the southeast of the fertile Kitakami Plateau. Sumita has a fairly mild climate for Iwate prefecture in northeastern Japan, and is especially warm in the winter due to the Pacific coast climate, cool in the summer due to the inland climate, and is relatively pleasant throughout the year.

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It is a good winding road where there are many changes in the scenery.
National Route 339 / Tatudomari Line.

Tatudomari Line

National Route 339 that crosses the Tsugaru Peninsula in the northernmost part of Honshu is the main road in Aomori Prefecture, but it is very easy to run. In the vicinity of Goshogawara-shi in the south, you can see the grand Iwakiyama.There is winding in the vicinity of northern Tappi Cape, and it is rich in variety. The beautiful landscape of the vast Tohoku region is an attractive popular route.
Between the Kodomari and the Tappi Cape on the Japan Sea side is the way of a scenic spot called the "Tatudomari Line". Its length is about 20 km. You can enjoy comfortable riding while watching the Sea of Japan, Lake Jusan and Iwakiyama.

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Shimoda---the history of Japan’s opening to the world.

White sandy beach  Shimoda.

Welcome to Shimoda. Surrounded by the sea and the mountains, Shimoda is a resort town where time flows at a leisurely pace.
In 1854, the black ships of American fleet led by Commodore Perry anchored here. Since then, Shimoda become Japan’s first international open port. Historical sites still remain in the old town area. Now, why don’t you spend a relaxing holiday in Shimoda rich in tropical flavor and historical sites.

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If you go to Izu or Hakone, do not forget to go!
Numazu and Mishima area are interesting.

Clear river flow

Kakitagawa and Mt.Fuji

This time I will report the surroundings of Numazu City and Mishima City in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is an area adjacent to Izu and Hakone famous for motorcycle tourists.
However, Izu and Hakone are too good, so Numazu and Mishima have passed by everyone. I think it is a pity. Because there are lots of interesting things in this area.

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A cave town with beautiful landscapes / Iwaizumi Iwate

Clear river flow

Iwaizumi town is well known for its clear spring and caves across the town, including Ryusendo cave and Akka cave. 93% of the land is covered by forests and mountains, the white birches` forest and Hayasaka highland offers beautiful landscapes.
Iwaizumi town, total area of 992.9km², making it the largest town in mainland Japan, is in the Kitakami Mountains of northeast Iwate prefecture, east of the prefectural capital of Morioka. It has a small coastline on the Pacific Ocean to the east, known as Sanriku rias.
It is characterized with mild summers and cold winters.

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The northernmost national highway in Japan!
Long route representing Hokkaido, National Route 238.

Okhotsk Line

Route 238, aka "Okhotsk Line".
It goes from Wakkanai city which is the northernmost town of Japan to the Abashiri city on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk via the northernmost tip of Soya Cape. The longer route in Hokkaido is this Sōya National Highway.This total distance is 319 km. Along the Sea of Okhotsk, connecting the small cities to the south, it is also the main road in the northern part of Hokkaido.
It passes through Soya Cape, so it is called the "northernmost national highway". And this is the sanctuary where riders in Japan gather.

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This city is built on the plateau between the north and south, and the slope is distinctive. "Kimono matches" It is a castle town./Kitsuki, Oita

Ohara House

Kitsuki city is located in the northeastern part of Oita prefecture, the southern part of the Kunishin peninsula. It receives the benefits of the temperate climate peculiar to the Seto Inland Sea, few rainy days, and snowfall is only one or two times a year.
Iyo-nada in the east, Beppu bay in the south and the southeastern part has a beautiful coast with a view. In the north there are mountains continuing from Futagosan, in the west the Kanagoe mountains and the northwestern part form a natural mountainous area surrounded by gentle mountains.

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One of the best in the country! It is a scenery that you will be impressed surely.
National Route 266 and Amakusa 5 bridges.

Amakusa 5 bridges

Amakusu Islands in Kyushu is a wonderful area with scenic islands. The intricate terrain, the scene of the scattered islands is a superb view point.Speaking of a good road in Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso direction such as Yamanami Highway will be its representative. However, although not so famous, the fantastic scenery of the islands is also the charm of Kumamoto Prefecture.

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Most secluded hot spring in japan / Yugawara

Mt.Fuji and Lake Ashinoko

It is a quiet hot spring resort located between Hakone and Atami facing the Sagami Bay at the southwest end of Kanagawa Prefecture.
Yugawara is one of the leading Hot Spring resorts in Japan and famous for being an onsen (hot spring) town. It is an area where you can enjoy great nature as well as fresh seafood, as it is surrounded by mountains and ocean.
Around Yugawara there are many famous sightseeing areas, such as Atami, Izu, Hakone,Odawara as well as Mt. Fuji.

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